Tuesday, December 3, 2013




oh man how I miss you guys!! its kind of hard over the holidays to not think about home!! My thanksgiving was wonderful! We had all the missionaries from the mission trails ward (us, horizon sisters, and san eli elders) over at hna Castillo's house for thanksgiving. It was awwesoome!! she has a daughter who is on a mission in Canada right now so she took extra good care of us.  We also got to go to the thanksgiving parade in El Paso because we had to help clean up after for a service project! It was so so much fun!! Weird to be watching a parade on a mission haha. They didn't throw any candy though.. lame right? Christmas is in the air even though its still in the 70's here! Its definitely warmed back up.
This week has been pretty normal! Not too much exciting happened although our investigator who is slightly crazy (Maria Iniguez) is getting baptized this Saturday!! We are really excited about it. I really just don't have any idea how to describe her. She is the type of person who will randomly grab your wrist in the middle of a lesson and start laughing hysterically.  I love her. Her family is super against her joining the church though which is kind of sad. She has a son named Mario who is our age. (actually when we first met her she wanted to hook me or hna pipkin up with him.. super awkward).
I don't really know what else to say this week... we got to visit this old catholic chapel for pday! it was really interesting.  Its crazy how much they focus on the death of Christ... kind of eerie actually. They had this sculpture of the body of Christ with bloody nails in his hands and feet just laying in this case.  So creepy. The fact that Christ died on the cross is definitely important but I love that we focus on the fact that he was resurrected instead and on what he did during his lifetime. He truly is our savior. The quote on my planner for this transfer (its in Spanish sorry) is: "no hay ningun dolor fisico, ninguna angustia del alma, ningun sufrimiento del espiritu, ninguna enfermedad o debilidad que ustedes o yo hayamos experimentado durante nuestra vida terrenal que el Salvador no haya experimentado primero." (have dad translate :)**There is no physical pain or anguish of the spirit, nor spiritual suffering, nor sickness or disability that you or I have experienced during our earthly life that the Savior hasn't experienced first ) But I truly know that Christ has felt everything we will ever feel in this life. Its so comforting to know that on a mission as well. Sometimes its hard to not get discouraged when people reject this amazing message. But when that happens as Elder Holland said, we are walking shoulder to shoulder with the greatest life this world has ever known.  Christ knows everything.. and more and more he is becoming my PERSONAL savior. I love him so much.
This gospel really just makes so much sense. Im so grateful that I was able to be brought up in it. THANK YOU!!! I love you all so much and wish you the happiest holidays on the planet :) you are always in my prayers.  Miss ya tons. Till next time!

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