Monday, November 25, 2013


So they switched around the schedule this week because there have been time conflicts with the new pday changed.  Its only for this week though! Sorry I wish I could have let you know sooner... so I wont be able to see your emails till next week if you haven't written yet. Hope everything is good at home!! 
First of all GUESS WHO IS STAYING IN YSLETA???? ME!!! woo!!!! we have another 6 weeks together. Its awesome. We are so excited and have set many big goals for the next transfer.  Im so so happy. Hna pipkin literally tackled me when we got the news.  So you will get to meet her on Christmas!!!
This week has been absolutely amazing!!! Suzy got baptized on Saturday!!! It was great... so spiritual. There really is nothing like being able to hug someone that you love and have been teaching right as they come out of the waters of baptism all smiles and dripping wet :) She was crying she felt the spirit so much.  On Sunday she bore her testimony and said "I am so grateful for Pipkin and Maxwell.. I want my daughter to be a missionary like them someday." she was crying and just thanked us over and over. These feelings are just impossible to describe! Jesus was able to bless the sacrament on Sunday too! He did such a good job.
We are currently teaching a bunch of families with kids at the moment :) Its really great. One of them LF Savala totally came to church on Sunday!! The 9 year old Ceci loves us to death. She says we are like her sisters. She absolutely loved primary. We haven't been able to set a baptismal date with them yet because they are super catholic (like most people around here) and are scared to switch their religion. But hoppppeffullly we will be able to set one with them this week!
We are seeing so so so much success in our area right now!!! Ysleta is seriously on fire. But its all due to heavenly father. He has such a hand in his work... I see it every single day. People are ALWAYS placed in our path that are ready for the gospel.  We met our goal of 20 member present lessons this past week!!! (standard of excellence) and this week we are really trying to get 20 contacts a day. (another standard of excellence). Which is REALLY hard to do. But we've got the faith!
Its finally started to get cold here. One day the temperature seriously went from the high 70s and the next day to the 30s. Its kind of a hard adjustment haha. We are always wearing coats and scarves everywhere. I feel like a temple square sister missionary haha.  Just missing my American flag on my tag!
Im really starting to LOVE this. I was sooo happy on Sunday just because  LF Savala came to church!! Its so so rewarding. So much is expected of us as missionaries though. I never understood that before my mission. Its insane. We are literally expected to leave everything and grow up. But its the coolest change. Im still the same goofy person but have such a different perspective on things now!
Thanksgiving is on Thursday!! woo!! we are all eating at a members house with all the missionaries. It should be super super fun.  We will probably get more than one thanksgiving dinner im sure.  Whats the plans for thanksgiving at home?
Sure do miss you all!! Im so happy out here. Its hard but heavenly father is taking care of me. Keep being awesome. I LOVE YOU!!!

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