Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BAPTISM**HOORAY!!!! EMAIL 11/12/2013

WHAT A WEEK!!! JOSEFINA AND JESUS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYAYYYYYYYYY!!!! did I mention im excited haha? man it was so awesome. The best part was just seeing them walk out in their white clothing. It was a moment ill never forget! It was definitely very spiritual but sooo many crazy things happened. First of all the programs wouldn't print because the printer was out of ink, then Josefina left her dry underwear in the car so we had to run around like maniacs trying to find it haha, Juan (the guy who thinks he is a prophet) started bearing his testimony about all of these crazy dreams he has had, the baptismal clothes were way too small for Jesus (kind of hilarious haha), and it was just crazy! But sooo awesome. They got confirmed on sunday as well and Jesus gets the priesthood next week! They are so stellar. They are totally going to be leaders in the church.  They are already doing FHE's, missionary work, and bringing their family to church next sunday! Its super amazing.  I just cant believe I get to play a small part in such an amazing work.  Their baptism is going to trickle down to future generations forever and ever.  Hopefully we will be able to start teaching their kids here soon!
Suzy also came to church! AND she wore a skirt!!! (she HATES skirts). It really was a miracle. She is the one who is 20 years old and whose mom is super against her getting baptized but she is going to anyway! Its been a real struggle trying to get her to church because she doesn't have a car so her mom drops her off. Last week her mom didn't come pick her up because she didn't want her to go. BUT this week she came :) I almost started crying I was so excited! Im so wrapped up in the work now.. its my life!  So just something as simple as an investigator coming to church is like the best thing in the world.
We have lots of crazy people we meet every day. Maria, another investigator is absolutely insane but we love her anyways!! last night we tried to teach her how to pray VERY CLEARLY. basically she started out with "Buenos noches senor" and didn't even end with amen. haha. we all just sat there in silence for a good 30 seconds. super awkward. Ive learned that missionary work is just awkward! everything about it is! but its awesome :)
I wish I had more time! so many things are happening in our area right now. we are seeing so much success and our numbers are some of the best in our whole zone. The field is WHITE!!! working my booty off and lovin' it!!! This transfer is almost over.... so scared. I really don't want to switch companions/areas/train but its all up to the lord!! I love you all so so much and keep being awesome!
OH! and I totally got the package!!! LOVED IT!!!! me and hna pipkin died when the turkey started singing! Thank you so so so SO much. I love how you sent stuff for her as well. It was adorable. I really appreciate it more than you know!!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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