Monday, October 28, 2013




This week has been crazy!! We have set so many baptismal dates with people!! Jesus and Josefina are officially getting baptized november 9th!! couldnt be more excited :) Jesus just totally gets it. He pretty much recited the whole introduction to the book of mormon to us the other night. So awesome. and Josefina is like the sweetest woman you will ever meet! They already cant wait to teach their kids about the gospel (who we know too... their names are Jesus aka Chewey and his wife Iveth). They always feed us food and take care of us :) Its like a second home over at their trailer! Both them and Alejandra (the one who randomly showed up at church all on her own) came to church yesterday. YAY!!! I also had to give a 3 minute talk on missionary work without notes once again. Gotta love that. I am so horrible at public speaking... especially in SPANISH!!!! So we took our investigators to the gospel principles class... yeah... they probably left pretty confused. lets just say we have some interesting people/investigators that come to the mission trails ward. One of the investigators of the other sisters, Juan, thinks he is a prophet. He believes the church is true.. but he still thinks he is a prophet. So in the middle of the lesson he started talking about his dreams.... about some guy... and a light... and a frame.... and a person with red hair descending out of heaven? yeah dont ask. I have no idea. Plus this excommunicated lady keeps coming and speaking when she isnt supposed to. The teacher (Jeanette a return missionary who I LOVE) asked the question "why does god want us to have eternal families?" and this lady answered "para formar mundos" which translates to: in order to make worlds. Yeah. WRONG answer. haha its always an adventure here.
Missionary life is going great! I love waking up and putting my tag on every morning and knowing I am a representative of the greatest life this world has ever known: Jesus Christ. I honestly cant imagine my life without the gospel and its such a blessing to be able to share that knowledge with others. I love you all so much and am so grateful for the influence you have had on me. I wouldnt be the person I am today without you! I wish I could talk more... its just too much happens every week I have no idea how to even start!! I love you all and the church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on keepin on!!!!!! 

hermana Maxwell

this picture is our "rejection" note we got the other day. It was actually really funny. Enjoy!

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