Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hey there family!!!
Wow life sounds really crazy at home with Dallon leaving. Im sorry to hear about the computer problems!! Thats no fun.. did Dallon write or email a letter? Im confused.. Dallon I know its scary. I know... I remember it so clearly. But just remember that its just life, it may be different, but its just life. You will be fine just pray!! Its all worth it. Super cliche.. but it really is. I wish I could be there to see you get set apart! you will be such an amazing missionary.

Yes Im healthy (besides a headache today) and happy! Mission life is really hard but really rewarding as well! We work all day every day! Its really hard to get up in the mornings but once we are up it just gets better as the day goes on! I still havent gotten the Mexico City package. Next time Ill get mail is the first friday of November (its always the first friday of the month)

This week has been pretty awesome! Its weird that I'm in my second transfer here. We still are teaching a lot and finding new people right and left! We have to move LF hernandez's baptismal date back a little bit because things keep popping up that are keeping them from coming to church.  Yesterday we had this woman named Alejandra and her son Sebastian randomly show up at church.  Turns out she just came to "learn" because her ex-boyfriend was LDS. We dont know what her story is but that NEVER happens. Just come to church not knowing anyone. She Is really awesome and an amazing mother. We are so excited to start teaching her! Heavenly father seriously just dropped her in our laps.
The biggest danger out here in the country is dogs haha. We got told yesterday to literally carry sticks around with us haha. So dont worry! We are being safe and life is great.  This is definitely one of the hardest things ive ever done in my life but I am growing so so much.  Keep working hard at home and know that I LOVE YOU!! Sorry this email is so short.. i just cant think because I have a killer headache this morning for some reason.  Dallon you  got this brother!!!!

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