Monday, October 14, 2013


AY AY! Familia :) I Just LOVE YOU!!!
Sounds like home is fantastic!!! Im sure dallon totally knocked the farewell out of the ballpark!! I cant believe he leaves so soon!!!
So.... IM STAYING IN YSLETA AREA WITH HNA PIPKIN!!!!! YYYYYAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! not training yet :) :) so so happy. I still have so much to learn. We are really really excited because we should have a few baptisms this transfer!!!! I actually got to go to a baptism the other night for the first time (it was one of the other sister's investigators). It was super awesome. As she went down in the water the spirit was just so strong. This really is why we are here... to lead people into the waters of baptism. And on from there! It made me really excited to have one of our own. La familia hernandez still are planning on being baptized the 26th. CANT WAIT!!! They are just so prepared. Josefina (the mom/gma) is sooo adorable. When we walked in last time to teach the word of wisdom she sat everyone down and said "can we please start with a prayer? ILL SAY IT!!" she was so excited. She is always on the edge of her seat with glasses on ready to learn :) I love it!! and Jesus her husband has a hilarious sense of humor and is always crackin jokes.
Our numbers haven't been too good this week but we really have worked our butts off. That just happens sometimes in missionary work unfortunately. Hopefully things will start to pick up here this week. Something funny that happened... we were contacting this reference that was just in some obscure area of the area book. We pulled up and got out and there was this huge gate in front of the house with this HUGE SCARY dog in front of it. It was like frothing out the mouth and freaking out at us. We debated for like 10 minutes whether or not to go in... finally I just ran through and booked it to the door. This old lady immediately answered it... like almost creepily fast. I turned around to look for hna pipkin and the dog was chasing her around the yard!! it was sooo funny. It ended up being nice but it was seriously hilarious. The lady ended up being nuts... we meet TONS of crazy people. Its pretty fun! She just kept staring at our nametags and muttering "jesucristo" "jesucristo" under her breath. Kinda scary. :)
I also tried Menudo. NEVER. try that. Oh my gosh literally the grossest thing I have ever eaten in my life. Its pig stomach... its covered in the vili of your stomach and everything. They put the bowl in front of me and it literally smelled like we were at the fair. It smells EXACTLY like pigs. And it was soooo nasty. I thought I was going to hurl haha. But hey! VIVA MEXICO! :) aka el paso :) It really is totally mexico here.
But yeah its been a good week! met lots and lots of people! just doin the work the best I can! Its hard not to feel inadequate sometimes but Im trying my hardest. Heavenly father chooses the simple and weak to do his work. He doesn't call the qualified he qualifies the called!!! I know that to be true. I love you guys soo ooooo much. Till next time :) Don't get too crazy!!! and have fun hunting!!!!!
Hermana Maxwell

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