Wednesday, October 2, 2013


So sorry this is going to be super rushed but pday is kind of nonexistent this week!! We had missionary monday yesterday so we all got to drive up to albuquerque and go to the temple!!! it was AMAZING!!!!! its a 5 hour drive from el paso so it took literally all day. I learned so much and the new video is awesome!! then today we moved into our new place!!! Its right across the street from the church building which is near the intersection between north loop and horizon.  I love it.. we still arent all unpacked but today has just been nuts!! Random side note there are sooo many mosquitos here!!! I literally have bites all over my body. But thats ok I love it here :)
This past week once again has been full of miracles!!! We started teaching this family (Hernandez) who are so prepared for the gospel its ridiculous. They are constantly begging for homework and are so eager to learn!!! We also started teaching Moraima's daughter Alejandra and had a really cool spiritual moment ill tell you about real quick!! We started talking to her about Christ and the death of her cousin. I got a super super strong impression to say something like this: "Alejandra, we need you to know that we are representatives of Jesus Christ himself. Your cousin is working through us and she wants you to hear this message." The spirit was so strong!! It was so amazing. She is 17 and has bright red dyed hair and a lip ring but has the SWEETEST spirit about her. I cant wait to teach her more!!
This past week was also EXCHANGES!!!!!! Normally I would go out to the area of the sister training leaders but instead they thought I could handle leading out in my area after being here for just 3 weeks!!! I was freaking out.  So Hermana Silva (who is awwesome and knows heidi sorenson) came out and we spent 24 hours together. I learned a ton from her!!! We taught a lot of interesting.... people. haha. But it went really well and i only got lost once!!! We also had zone conference all day on thursday. Of course I was chosen to give a 5 minute talk on the spot... lets just say heavenly father is expecting a lot of me right now. but I CAN DO IT! I almost passed out i was so scared. no notes... all in spanish... yeah it was interesting.  I got the package from Mistie and grandma! as well as some letters. Not sure when ill get the package you sent... we still havent figured out mail yet!!
But yeah still loving the work and being with my trainer! we are like best friends now. Its hard at times but Im really starting to love it and lose myself in the work. Ill try to write more next week. today is just so crazy! but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
hermana maxwell

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  1. YEAH! Sister Silva is my best friend...(I'm also friends with heidi), Check out their blogs:

    Hurrah for Israel! Way to go Hermana Maxwell...I've also heard lots of amazing things about Hermana Pipkin:)