Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hey family!!
ok once again super stressed for time!! this computer isnt working very good unfortunately... but im going to try my best!!!  Wasnt conference INCREDIBLE??? I seriously learned soooo much. So many of the talks applied directly to me it was AWESOME. One thing that I did that i have never done before was make a list of questions I had before and then listen for them specifically during conference. Needless to say they were ALL answered one way or another!! We watched conference in the chapel luckily in english!!! Jesus y Josefina Hernandez came to the sunday morning session!!! we freaked out!!! I am so so so happy. They are progressing so much! Their baptismal date is set for Dallons birthday! so i might have my first baptism on dallons birthday. adorable right? :) One thing that hit me hard at conference for you guys is the family missionary counsel!! Do you do family home evening? because you should most definitely incorporate that!! I know that missionary work blesses our lives more than we can possibly imagine.
I did get the package!! THANK YOU!!! it was wonderful!! I am behind on letters so im sorry. I have like 50 to write today and we dont have any time to write them because we are going to saddle blanket (partay!) but im going to try. I DID get mistie's package as well!! it was so cute!! pllleaassse tell her thanks for me!! I love getting mail.. its the best thing ever in a mission. I still dont think you can send stuff directly to me... things should get figured out more next week because its TRANSFERS!!! Freaking out!! I should find out if im training on wednesday. Its really rare for a spanish sister to train after only 6 weeks.. but Ill do what heavenly father needs me to do. I need your prayers this week!
Thats so great about the family history work!!! Youll have to show me the ropes when i get home!! its pretty amazing how interested investigators are that we do family history. It truly is a great technique for missionary work. (sorry this email is all over the place). This past week has been realllly crazy!!! We had  temple monday, moved out tuesday, weekly planning thursday, two big meetings friday, and conference saturday and sunday!! I have learned soooo much. Its a tad overwhelming but Im trying my best. President just raised the standards of excellence A LOT.  so its a lot of pressure... especially if im going to train.  Our mission used to be one of the highest baptizing missions in the world!!! So we are trying to get back to that by having the goal for a baptism every single week!!! crazy!!! We are trying our best!
They showed a bunch of stuff about the Mexico mtc between sessions!! did you see it?? and the 70 that spoke saturday about the mexico mtc I saw!!! he totally spoke to us!! really awesome!!! Mom we did go to Denny's for dinner. thank you it was wonderful!!! but funny story we locked the keys in the truck there and were stuck there for 2 and a half hours. The spare key is in albuquerque hahaha. The FIRE DEPT ended up rolling in and getting it open for us. It was pretty much hilarious.
Teaching teaching teaching!! we teach all the time. Im getting better at it but the spanish is still really hard. im trying my best!! We are teaching many investigators that are finally progressing!
Jesus y josefina hernandez
Moraima y her daughter alejandra
juan sandoval
and many others we are teaching as well! please keep them in your prayers. I love you all so so so SO much. Families can be forever and i am sooo glad that I am a part of ours :) Keep doing MISSIONARY WORK. the  work is hastening!! we feel like the culture of the church is changing for sure towards the work of preaching the gospel. Im so proud of you guys for all you are doing and to stand shoulder to shoulder in proclaiming the incredible news of the gospel!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!

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