Monday, October 28, 2013




This week has been crazy!! We have set so many baptismal dates with people!! Jesus and Josefina are officially getting baptized november 9th!! couldnt be more excited :) Jesus just totally gets it. He pretty much recited the whole introduction to the book of mormon to us the other night. So awesome. and Josefina is like the sweetest woman you will ever meet! They already cant wait to teach their kids about the gospel (who we know too... their names are Jesus aka Chewey and his wife Iveth). They always feed us food and take care of us :) Its like a second home over at their trailer! Both them and Alejandra (the one who randomly showed up at church all on her own) came to church yesterday. YAY!!! I also had to give a 3 minute talk on missionary work without notes once again. Gotta love that. I am so horrible at public speaking... especially in SPANISH!!!! So we took our investigators to the gospel principles class... yeah... they probably left pretty confused. lets just say we have some interesting people/investigators that come to the mission trails ward. One of the investigators of the other sisters, Juan, thinks he is a prophet. He believes the church is true.. but he still thinks he is a prophet. So in the middle of the lesson he started talking about his dreams.... about some guy... and a light... and a frame.... and a person with red hair descending out of heaven? yeah dont ask. I have no idea. Plus this excommunicated lady keeps coming and speaking when she isnt supposed to. The teacher (Jeanette a return missionary who I LOVE) asked the question "why does god want us to have eternal families?" and this lady answered "para formar mundos" which translates to: in order to make worlds. Yeah. WRONG answer. haha its always an adventure here.
Missionary life is going great! I love waking up and putting my tag on every morning and knowing I am a representative of the greatest life this world has ever known: Jesus Christ. I honestly cant imagine my life without the gospel and its such a blessing to be able to share that knowledge with others. I love you all so much and am so grateful for the influence you have had on me. I wouldnt be the person I am today without you! I wish I could talk more... its just too much happens every week I have no idea how to even start!! I love you all and the church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on keepin on!!!!!! 

hermana Maxwell

this picture is our "rejection" note we got the other day. It was actually really funny. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hey there family!!!
Wow life sounds really crazy at home with Dallon leaving. Im sorry to hear about the computer problems!! Thats no fun.. did Dallon write or email a letter? Im confused.. Dallon I know its scary. I know... I remember it so clearly. But just remember that its just life, it may be different, but its just life. You will be fine just pray!! Its all worth it. Super cliche.. but it really is. I wish I could be there to see you get set apart! you will be such an amazing missionary.

Yes Im healthy (besides a headache today) and happy! Mission life is really hard but really rewarding as well! We work all day every day! Its really hard to get up in the mornings but once we are up it just gets better as the day goes on! I still havent gotten the Mexico City package. Next time Ill get mail is the first friday of November (its always the first friday of the month)

This week has been pretty awesome! Its weird that I'm in my second transfer here. We still are teaching a lot and finding new people right and left! We have to move LF hernandez's baptismal date back a little bit because things keep popping up that are keeping them from coming to church.  Yesterday we had this woman named Alejandra and her son Sebastian randomly show up at church.  Turns out she just came to "learn" because her ex-boyfriend was LDS. We dont know what her story is but that NEVER happens. Just come to church not knowing anyone. She Is really awesome and an amazing mother. We are so excited to start teaching her! Heavenly father seriously just dropped her in our laps.
The biggest danger out here in the country is dogs haha. We got told yesterday to literally carry sticks around with us haha. So dont worry! We are being safe and life is great.  This is definitely one of the hardest things ive ever done in my life but I am growing so so much.  Keep working hard at home and know that I LOVE YOU!! Sorry this email is so short.. i just cant think because I have a killer headache this morning for some reason.  Dallon you  got this brother!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013


AY AY! Familia :) I Just LOVE YOU!!!
Sounds like home is fantastic!!! Im sure dallon totally knocked the farewell out of the ballpark!! I cant believe he leaves so soon!!!
So.... IM STAYING IN YSLETA AREA WITH HNA PIPKIN!!!!! YYYYYAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! not training yet :) :) so so happy. I still have so much to learn. We are really really excited because we should have a few baptisms this transfer!!!! I actually got to go to a baptism the other night for the first time (it was one of the other sister's investigators). It was super awesome. As she went down in the water the spirit was just so strong. This really is why we are here... to lead people into the waters of baptism. And on from there! It made me really excited to have one of our own. La familia hernandez still are planning on being baptized the 26th. CANT WAIT!!! They are just so prepared. Josefina (the mom/gma) is sooo adorable. When we walked in last time to teach the word of wisdom she sat everyone down and said "can we please start with a prayer? ILL SAY IT!!" she was so excited. She is always on the edge of her seat with glasses on ready to learn :) I love it!! and Jesus her husband has a hilarious sense of humor and is always crackin jokes.
Our numbers haven't been too good this week but we really have worked our butts off. That just happens sometimes in missionary work unfortunately. Hopefully things will start to pick up here this week. Something funny that happened... we were contacting this reference that was just in some obscure area of the area book. We pulled up and got out and there was this huge gate in front of the house with this HUGE SCARY dog in front of it. It was like frothing out the mouth and freaking out at us. We debated for like 10 minutes whether or not to go in... finally I just ran through and booked it to the door. This old lady immediately answered it... like almost creepily fast. I turned around to look for hna pipkin and the dog was chasing her around the yard!! it was sooo funny. It ended up being nice but it was seriously hilarious. The lady ended up being nuts... we meet TONS of crazy people. Its pretty fun! She just kept staring at our nametags and muttering "jesucristo" "jesucristo" under her breath. Kinda scary. :)
I also tried Menudo. NEVER. try that. Oh my gosh literally the grossest thing I have ever eaten in my life. Its pig stomach... its covered in the vili of your stomach and everything. They put the bowl in front of me and it literally smelled like we were at the fair. It smells EXACTLY like pigs. And it was soooo nasty. I thought I was going to hurl haha. But hey! VIVA MEXICO! :) aka el paso :) It really is totally mexico here.
But yeah its been a good week! met lots and lots of people! just doin the work the best I can! Its hard not to feel inadequate sometimes but Im trying my hardest. Heavenly father chooses the simple and weak to do his work. He doesn't call the qualified he qualifies the called!!! I know that to be true. I love you guys soo ooooo much. Till next time :) Don't get too crazy!!! and have fun hunting!!!!!
Hermana Maxwell

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hey family!!
ok once again super stressed for time!! this computer isnt working very good unfortunately... but im going to try my best!!!  Wasnt conference INCREDIBLE??? I seriously learned soooo much. So many of the talks applied directly to me it was AWESOME. One thing that I did that i have never done before was make a list of questions I had before and then listen for them specifically during conference. Needless to say they were ALL answered one way or another!! We watched conference in the chapel luckily in english!!! Jesus y Josefina Hernandez came to the sunday morning session!!! we freaked out!!! I am so so so happy. They are progressing so much! Their baptismal date is set for Dallons birthday! so i might have my first baptism on dallons birthday. adorable right? :) One thing that hit me hard at conference for you guys is the family missionary counsel!! Do you do family home evening? because you should most definitely incorporate that!! I know that missionary work blesses our lives more than we can possibly imagine.
I did get the package!! THANK YOU!!! it was wonderful!! I am behind on letters so im sorry. I have like 50 to write today and we dont have any time to write them because we are going to saddle blanket (partay!) but im going to try. I DID get mistie's package as well!! it was so cute!! pllleaassse tell her thanks for me!! I love getting mail.. its the best thing ever in a mission. I still dont think you can send stuff directly to me... things should get figured out more next week because its TRANSFERS!!! Freaking out!! I should find out if im training on wednesday. Its really rare for a spanish sister to train after only 6 weeks.. but Ill do what heavenly father needs me to do. I need your prayers this week!
Thats so great about the family history work!!! Youll have to show me the ropes when i get home!! its pretty amazing how interested investigators are that we do family history. It truly is a great technique for missionary work. (sorry this email is all over the place). This past week has been realllly crazy!!! We had  temple monday, moved out tuesday, weekly planning thursday, two big meetings friday, and conference saturday and sunday!! I have learned soooo much. Its a tad overwhelming but Im trying my best. President just raised the standards of excellence A LOT.  so its a lot of pressure... especially if im going to train.  Our mission used to be one of the highest baptizing missions in the world!!! So we are trying to get back to that by having the goal for a baptism every single week!!! crazy!!! We are trying our best!
They showed a bunch of stuff about the Mexico mtc between sessions!! did you see it?? and the 70 that spoke saturday about the mexico mtc I saw!!! he totally spoke to us!! really awesome!!! Mom we did go to Denny's for dinner. thank you it was wonderful!!! but funny story we locked the keys in the truck there and were stuck there for 2 and a half hours. The spare key is in albuquerque hahaha. The FIRE DEPT ended up rolling in and getting it open for us. It was pretty much hilarious.
Teaching teaching teaching!! we teach all the time. Im getting better at it but the spanish is still really hard. im trying my best!! We are teaching many investigators that are finally progressing!
Jesus y josefina hernandez
Moraima y her daughter alejandra
juan sandoval
and many others we are teaching as well! please keep them in your prayers. I love you all so so so SO much. Families can be forever and i am sooo glad that I am a part of ours :) Keep doing MISSIONARY WORK. the  work is hastening!! we feel like the culture of the church is changing for sure towards the work of preaching the gospel. Im so proud of you guys for all you are doing and to stand shoulder to shoulder in proclaiming the incredible news of the gospel!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


So sorry this is going to be super rushed but pday is kind of nonexistent this week!! We had missionary monday yesterday so we all got to drive up to albuquerque and go to the temple!!! it was AMAZING!!!!! its a 5 hour drive from el paso so it took literally all day. I learned so much and the new video is awesome!! then today we moved into our new place!!! Its right across the street from the church building which is near the intersection between north loop and horizon.  I love it.. we still arent all unpacked but today has just been nuts!! Random side note there are sooo many mosquitos here!!! I literally have bites all over my body. But thats ok I love it here :)
This past week once again has been full of miracles!!! We started teaching this family (Hernandez) who are so prepared for the gospel its ridiculous. They are constantly begging for homework and are so eager to learn!!! We also started teaching Moraima's daughter Alejandra and had a really cool spiritual moment ill tell you about real quick!! We started talking to her about Christ and the death of her cousin. I got a super super strong impression to say something like this: "Alejandra, we need you to know that we are representatives of Jesus Christ himself. Your cousin is working through us and she wants you to hear this message." The spirit was so strong!! It was so amazing. She is 17 and has bright red dyed hair and a lip ring but has the SWEETEST spirit about her. I cant wait to teach her more!!
This past week was also EXCHANGES!!!!!! Normally I would go out to the area of the sister training leaders but instead they thought I could handle leading out in my area after being here for just 3 weeks!!! I was freaking out.  So Hermana Silva (who is awwesome and knows heidi sorenson) came out and we spent 24 hours together. I learned a ton from her!!! We taught a lot of interesting.... people. haha. But it went really well and i only got lost once!!! We also had zone conference all day on thursday. Of course I was chosen to give a 5 minute talk on the spot... lets just say heavenly father is expecting a lot of me right now. but I CAN DO IT! I almost passed out i was so scared. no notes... all in spanish... yeah it was interesting.  I got the package from Mistie and grandma! as well as some letters. Not sure when ill get the package you sent... we still havent figured out mail yet!!
But yeah still loving the work and being with my trainer! we are like best friends now. Its hard at times but Im really starting to love it and lose myself in the work. Ill try to write more next week. today is just so crazy! but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
hermana maxwell