Monday, September 23, 2013

OUT 2 MONTHS!! EMAIL 9/23/2013

Buenos Dias!!

Life is good here as a sista missionary! We have had to drop a lot of investigators because they weren't really progressing. It takes a lot of faith to do that. But heavenly father has blessed us with so many more people to teach!! these last few weeks have just been finding finding FINDING! And its been wonderful.  One lady I want to tell you about is Moraima. This experience with her changed my whole perspective on my mission. We met her once and set up a cita because she wanted to hear more a bout the gospel (cant remember if I told you this but she had a 16 yr old niece die in a car accident who was Mormon and wants to know why her family is getting through it so easily). We stopped by her house and she wasn't there.. and she never called. We decided to stop by again the other night and she was there!! She said she was afraid to call us. She sat us down in her kitchen and immediately just started sobbing. sobbing sobbing sobbing. She told us her story of her life and I have NEVER heard something so sad in my life. I wont go into details but it was awful. they lived on the street for awhile and didn't even have money for food. I just sat there shocked... my heart totally broke for this poor woman. She luckily has a job now. she has two kids, angel who has asthma and is always in the hospital, and a daughter who struggles with depression. They live in a trailer and are struggling to get by. She needs the gospel soooo bad. We told her that we were representatives of JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. and that we are hear to share his gospel with her and that its one of happiness. She just cried and thanked us over and over. It was such an amazing experience. her experience brought me to tears.. I just cant wait to see her life change with the gospel. Pray for her!!
Many other things have happened but I don't have much time to talk about them!! we are just constantly teaching and its wonderful! I still struggle quite a bit with Spanish but the gift of tounges is real! I think its going to take a few months to really get the hang of things. I got driving permission yesterday so Ive started driving our truck around which is really nice! its weird to drive again.. it will help me get to know the area so much faster. We always have dinners with members/investigators which is interesting sometimes. they get offended if you don't ask for more and the food isn't always good haha. so Ive had a few times where I wanted to hurl after. but most of the time its real good! they eat a lot of spicy food here... which is exciting on occasion haha. We have cereal for breakfast and usually sandwhiches or something for lunch. we are so busy its hard to have time to eat some days!  Schedule on pdays is study time, laundry, email, shopping, lunch, zone sports, and then proselyting for the rest of the night! we do laundry at this Laundromat by our apt. 
Well the church is true people! I have never realized how blessed I have been to have the gospel. It really is amazing. share it with everyone you can!! member/missionary work is how everything gets done! help out the missionaries back home because they need you!! I love you all so so so much and think about you always. 
Hermana Maxwell
pictures: 3 kids we are teaching (so cute! damian diego and david)
me teaching a dog the gospel. there are dogs everywhere!!!!

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