Sunday, September 22, 2013

EMAIL 9/16/2013 ANTS IN BEDS?!!!



This week has been full of miracles!! We have really been focusing on trying to find new people to teach and we have been blessed with a bunch of new investigators. 4 of them have a baptismal date!! But they are brand new... so hopefully they will continue to work towards it. Nothing is for sure here! We have had many spiritual lessons and I have gained such a testimony of how heavenly father prepares people to hear the gospel. There are always people placed in our path! We have also been getting a lot of member-present lessons which is a big goal here in the mission. I really had no idea how much members affect the work.  Our best investigators were referrals from members! so try to help the missionaries back home!! Many of the ward members come out with us to lessons and bear such strong testimonies. It really is incredible. Its definitely been humbling as well to see the conditions that many of these people are living in. The majority of the time I really feel like im in mexico still.  Everyone lives in trailers and are very poor. and EVERYONE speaks Spanish! That's definitely the hardest part for me.. but its slowly coming!
We are teaching this little family. The dad is named David and he has three little boys and a baby girl. He really wants his kids to learn more about Christ is such a cute dad. He doesn't know anything about the gospel and fails to realize that we are trying to teach him too haha. The first lesson he came over and sat on our side and helped us teach his kids about the restoration haha. He also accidently gave us tea... I took a drink and was like "what the heck?" my trainer realized it right away. Kind of an awkward moment. He felt really bad but it was way funny!! They have a baptismal date set already as well! I wish I had time to talk about everyone but I just don't! Its been raining all week which is really rare here! Our truck got stuck in the mud 3 TIMES!!!! 2 of which was in the same day!! so funny. We had to get pulled out.  Another funny thing that happened was during a really spiritual lesson with a less active family their dog came sliding in on the wood floor and slammed into the couch. then it got a Halloween bucket stuck on its head and was running around like a maniac. couldn't help but laugh! Luckily it didn't distract from the spirit too bad.
I am learning so so so much from my trainer. she is amazing!!! We are great friends already! Ill try and send a picture this time!  We are going to be moving into a older couples home at the end of the month! thank goodness... our roof is leaking and there are ants in our beds! its pretty bad. I cant wait to move out!! Anywyas I hope I answered everything.. I wish I had more time! Just know I love you all and that missionary work is amazing!! This gospel is TRUE!!!!! Just picture me in mexico because that's practically where I am haha. I can see Juarez from our area! LOVE YOU ALL!!!  Keep up the faith and share the gospel!! I had no idea how much members affect the work!

Hermana maxwell

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