Sunday, September 1, 2013


**As you can see McKenna was blessed to have another trip to the Mexico City Temple.  We are so excited as she begins a new adventure this weekend as she leaves for New Mexico at 1:00 am Monday 9/2.  Sunday will be her last day in the CCM!!**

Como estan??? Sorry this email is a little later than normal. We just got back from el templo!!!! it was wonderful... but I did get sick again yesterday... so I almost didnt make it through the session. Thrown up once.. but starting to feel a little better!! This food is kicking my butt. Cant wait to get back to the states!!!
 Things here have been great! We have had a couple super fantastic lessons. One of our investigators, Damian, committed to be baptized!!! You have no idea how big of an accomplishment that is.. he was seriously so hard to committ to things.  But yeah we baptized all 5 of our investigators!! still got a lot to learn but we are feeling pretty good about ourselves :) especially being the kings of the ccm now!! Everyone practically worships the ground we walk on because we have been here for so long haha.  Our casa is now filled with new sisters. We are the only ones that have been here for more than a week! I also FINALLY saw parrots!! they live in the palm trees here.. bright green ones. SO pretty!!!
so the other day when we were in our TALL time (computer assisted language learning) our teacher Hermano day walked in, he pulled me and my companion out of class and told us he had a special assignment for us.  Long story short he told us that in 10 minutes we had to go demonstrate how to begin teaching in front of ALL the new missionaries. Yeah. pretty much practically passed out from nervousness. It was really cool but wayyy stressful.  I hope we did ok! We also lived through another earthquake. woot. we never feel them but still ;) there has been 4 since we have been here! hmm what else... its just been a crazy last week! tomorrow we have in field orientation ALL DAY in class. Ive heard its pretty rough so that will be exciting! I just cant believe we are finally busting outta here!!
OH. so MIRACLE AT THE CCM!!! two days ago for breakfast they had nutella AND peanut butter!!! YEAH. i know. flippin amazing. they dont have any of that kind of stuff here so it was seriously insane. Anyways.. sorry this email is so short.. but I have limited time since we went to the temple!! keep an eye out for my email on sunday!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! the church is true!!!!!

p.s. #1 thing im doing when i get back is getting a CHEESEBURGER. SO EXCITED

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  1. Oh my heck! Mckenna's emails are hilarious! I haven't had a lot of time to read them lately so I'm catching up with them today and my absolute favorite line was when she said to watch the Mexico MTC video and that you can totally see her arm!!! I just cracked up laughing over that. I love her spiritual messages as well, how she brings everything back to the Gospel. And the messages to the family are so heartwarming and sweet. What a beautiful young woman!