Sunday, August 11, 2013

WEEK 2 ** EMAIL # 3

As you can see McKenna is still McKenna!  We miss her humor in our home!! The following is excerpts from her last email:

Things are still going great here at the CCM!!! Its still hard.. but wonderful :) the other day we totally had a mini earthquake here. We were in class and all of a sudden an alarm went off and we all ran outside and a lady came and told us there was an earthquake haha. we didnt even feel it. but it was still cool!!! There was also the biggest rainstorm i have ever seen in my whole life!! we had to run to a devotional in it haha. Sister Pratt (mtc presidents wife) said she wish she had been videoing the 500 missionaries racing to the devotional in a hurricane haha. we were literally running through an inch of water the whole time. it was nuts. i wish i could have videod it!!! Last night me and my companion got some Latinas in our apartment who speak ZERO english!!! so that will be interesting!! we havent really gotten the chance to talk with them yet.. but i have no doubt thats going to help with my espanol!! Also yesterday we had our first TRC session. its where members/investigators come in and volunteer to have us teach them. Talk about scary!! I couldn´t understand half of what the lady said because she talked so fast but the spirit was there so thats really all that matters haha.  We are juggling two "investigators" at the moment. They are really just teachers that act like someone they taught on their missions but it is still really good practice with teaching! The spanish is coming along purty swell... although I dont really know all the grammar rules or anything that ISNT about the gospel haha. But I know it will come!! Next p-day we get to go to the Mexico City temple!! I am so beyond stoked!!! it looks so pretty!!! im a bit nervous because it will all be in spanish but i have heard its one of the coolest experiences ever.  And i did hear about the new temple video!! im excited to see it!!! The ccm is getting sooo crowded. its at full capacity right now and we just found out that the Peru (DALLON?!!) and argentina mtcs are overflowing so they are sending all the missionaries HERE next week. cant even believe it. the lunchroom is gonna be nuts!!! its already ridiculous!! but its definitely exciting... the lord is hastening is work!! The church is true!! as Elder Holland said "this truly is an exciting time to be a missionary!" I really am starting to love it here.  there isnt another place like this on the whole planet. its almost like we are living in this little missionary bubble!! mexico city is so wordly and hectic but just inside the gates of the mtc its like we are walking alongside angels.  The food is either getting better or i'm just getting used to it haha. I've learned to just shove everything into a tortilla and hope for the best!! :)

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