Friday, August 2, 2013


MI FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh how I miss all of you!!! First of all know i dont have tons of time.. in fact like no time at all so this email might be filled with mistakes and stuff that doesnt make sense so im sorry!! but primero, some business items haha.  I think i told you that the address on the packet was a different one than they gave us already... but here is the new one.  i think the letters will still get to us but have everyone send them here from now on:
Carr. Tenayuca-Chalmita No. 828,
Col. Zona Escolar, Deleg. G.A. Madero,
C.P. 07230, Mexico, D.F.; Mexico
Did you get my letter?? i sent one.. you probably have it by now hopefully. But mom could you please post this new address and my email on facebook so that people can email me?? you guys have no idea how much an email or a letter means on a mission. like i have been looking forward to this p-day for what feels like eternity.  Also letters take quite awhile to get here.. like 2 weeks :( so i havent gotten anything yet if you sent anything.  Also please send the family pictures if you have them!! or any pictures for that matter in a letter because i miss seeing your faces!! the wallet ones werent enough haha.  Also i need the addresses for Bishop Fullmer, scadlocks, gunns, steve and sandra, the weeds, the grays, the wildings, grandma suz. and grap rob. so that i can send them the thank you cards!! thanks so much for all you do it means more than you know!!
OK. so the CCM is insane!!!!!! I dont even know where to begin. It is definitely hard, dallon, prepare for HARD. but it is also INCREDIBLE being able to learn about the gospel 24/7. actually its mostly spanish that is the hard part!!! we had to teach someone in all spanish the third day we were here!!! our "investigator" is Armando. its actually one of the teachers here but they play the part of someone they taught on their mission so its like its real! we committed him to baptism last night!! YAY!!!!!!! the campus is gorggggeeouuus. there are palm trees everywhere and little birds all over the place that attack us haha. but they are so cute! there is one that hangs out on our front lawn and we named him Fredrico!! I seriously love it... we are in the world but completely out of it. there is barbed wire around the outside and security guards haha. mom dont be scared.. but we hear gunshots and sirens all the time haha. Mexico city is just crazy. ill send a couple pictures but youll have to wait till the sd card to see most of them which wont be for awhile!!
I love my companion!! her name is Hermana Wheelwright and she is from ogden. she is like a proffessional soccer player and super fun. we have lots of good times together but we also know how to work!! she has been getting super homesick though so thats kind of hard. but we are already suuuper good friends!!! that tends to happen when you spend every second of the day with each other. but yeah she is awesome. i also love my district! we are the only hermanas and then there are 4 sets of elders!! they are ALL 18. so young. and so immature haha but they have insane testimonies. i am constantly super impressed with them and i love them tons. they are like my little brothers!! we spend so much time together we are all way good friends. i also love my teacher elder keller, he served in spain dad!! he is wayy nice.
the food is... haha exciting? i guess that could be the word. its very authentic most of the time lets just say. diarrhea and all haha. but im getting used to it! occasionally they try to serve us american food but none of them speak english and they just dont know how haha. like they made waffles one time and they dont give us syrup.. they give us chocolate syrup and raspberry syrup haha. which isnt terrible i guess but not super awesome either.  most of the food is fine though! Its actually pretty good. it just looks scary :) ive learned to just put stuff in a tortilla and eat it haha. at first i starved a.k.a. ate cereal every meal.. but now i eat everything they throw at me haha. the water also is way bad. luckily we have water bottles with filters so its ok! no worries! elder thompson got way sick.. they thought he had a parasite but we think it was just the water. he is ok now luckily!!
my favorite time of the day is definitely gym!! me and my companion play sports with the elders. we are like the only girls that do haha! but its way fun although i practically tore all the skin of my kneecap playing basketball haha. the devotionals here are crazy good too. we had a seventy come and speak to us on tuesday which was awesome!! we also get to watch a church movie in the auditorium on sunday nights!! best thing EVER! its so hard not being able to listen to music... im dying haha.
the hardest part is definitely SPANISH!!!! oh my gosh. they never speak english to us and its just soooo difficult to learn everything so fast! but i am learning and I know ill get better at it!! pray for me haha!! but we are in classes literally all day. i thought it would be really rough but it actually hasnt been too bad. there are definitely hard moments but overall its been really good and i love it here!! i mean it is the mtc.. there a very hard times. but also reallly really good times as well. 
So next time before i email im definitely going to make bullet points to talk about before i email because i dont have time to go through my journal and tell you everything!! But just know that heavenly is taking care of me! and everything is great!! i love you all more than you have any idea and please email email email and write write write!! i seriously depend on these things!!! This church is true!!!!!!!!!!! it really is. Yo se que este evangelio es verdadero y que jesucristo vive. el es mi redentor y mi salvador. nuestro padre celestial nos ama y el libro de mormon contener las palabras de dios!!!!! I ran out of time.. so gotta go but ill talk to you guys next thursday!! I LOVE YOU!! and im glad the funeral went well! next time ill try to address you all individually!! just dont have time this time!!!! LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE YYYYYYYYYYYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
hermana maxwell
p.s. my calf totally cramped up the other night for like 5 minutes straight.. thought i was gonna die haha (random thought)
also I have limited email time.. technically i could cheat and get more but im trying to be obedient... so sorry if i cant get to everyone

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