Wednesday, August 28, 2013


OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH...CHECK OUT THE COCKROACH!  ID BE RUNNING FOR COVER!  On a better note..The beautiful Mexico City Temple and wonderful missionaries!  I CANT BELIEVE SHE'S BEEN OUT A MONTH!!  On to thoughts from Hermana Maxwell...

This past week has been insane!!!!!! We got two new "investigators", Jeremiah and Carlos.  We already teach Damian and Jose so things are pretty crazy! We are always constantly teaching which is awesome practice.  The temple was AMAZING. I'll definitely send a few pics! we had to drive through mexico city for like an hour to get there. We were kind of "consumed" by the worldliness of the city per say... and then the MOMENT we drove through those gates the spirit hit us like a ton of bricks. it was so ammmmazzzinnng.  The Mexico City temple is absolutely gorgeous!! We were only able to take pictures for 10 minutes so that was kind of stressful but It was fantastic. The session was stellar too! It was all in spanish obviously but I was really really surprised at how much I understood!! And in case you were wondering.. there ARE the sweet little old lady temple workers EVEN in Mexico :) except they are a lot smaller and dont speak your language haha :) One lady that helped me was like two heads shorter than I was haha. probably like almost brynnas height. She was so nice!! It really felt like home to me... the same spirit that is there is in the temples back home and it was so nice to visit the house of GOD!!! One thing about temples that I heard is that in every temple you are literally walking where Christ has walked. He walks through the halls of those temples. Esta magnifico no?? The celestial room was awesome as well, I could really feel the spirits of those that had gone before me in the room.  There were definitely some funny moments just because we didnt really know what we were doing and it was all in espanol but I absolutely loved it. I cant wait to go back again next week!
So before I forget on there is a news story about the mexico mtc!! you should check it out!! you can totally see my companion AND my arm in the cafeteria scene :) (she is in purple) but a bunch of my friends got interviewed for it as well so pretty sweet! 
Over the past week we have had 2 more earthquakes!! They are always really small but its fun to get out of class for a few minutes haha. The latinas in our room are already gone! I´ll send a picture of them too. They were so amazing! I miss them! We are back to being the only ones in our room which is kinda sad but nice because of showering and stuff. For gym time we always play ultimate frisbee, basketball, soccer, and volleyball with the elders! its definitely one of the highlights of my day!! both me and my companion hold our own :) the elders are really impressed with us haha. I seriously love my district!! its going to be really hard to leave them. We spend all day with each other so we are all really tight.  All of the girls in my casa are leaving on Monday/tuesday :( :( Its going to be so sad!!! and then WE are next!!! Cant even believe how fast its gone!! Im so excited to get out into the field and do this stuff for real though!!! I absolutely love the MTC now... well.. most of the time haha. But its really an incredible  place to be!! Our lesons our going so much better... one particular one I want to talk about was with one of the native teachers named Hermano Flores. He pulled me and my comp out of class and told us we had to teach him right then and there with no preparation.. he played the part of a catholic man who had a lot of doubts about our church. Needless to say it went AMAZING. We taught completely by the spirit and our Spanish was STELLAR. :) He even said he would be baptized!! First visit... oh yeah. haha but I rea,lly actually love teaching now. At first I hated it.. just because it took so much preparation but now its actually really fun!!
So one of the biggest pieces of news... totally got food poisioning two nights ago. YEAH. worst night of my entire life. I´ll spare you the details but lets just say I feel like I have lost like 15 lbs from the ordeal haha. I only got one hour of sleep that night.... just think of the scene from dumb and dumber. that was totally me hahahaha. AWFUL. But it turns out 6/10 girls in our casa had the exact same experience and lots of other missionaries got it too! Its not very surprising that we all got sick considering yesterday an elder found a ginormous cockroach in the beans yesterday!!! super sketchy food here... but not too bad.  I seriously wanted to die though. literally wanted to die. then i was sick the whole next day(yesterday) but today I feel just fine!! So luckily it was over quick. PRAY that that doesnt happen to me again!! it was terrrrrrible. Cant wait to get back to the states and be able to eat without worrying that the food might make me want to commit suicide haha. jk. Speaking of cockroaches though.. we didnt see any until this last week and now all of a sudden its attack of the giant cockroaches!! They are soooo disgusting. They dont even compare to the little tiny ones in st george haha and they are FAST. Totally freeeak me out. I´ll send a picture of one of the ones we found in our casa..
Lets see what else.... just lovin the life of a sister missionary!!! testimony is growing every day!! the devotionals here are completely incredible. I wish i had the time to go over everything ive learned but that would take like 50 years haha. but its funny that you mentioned that when christ went to go get the lost sheep he carried it on its shoulders! we totally had a devotional where a seventy mentioned that too! MUST be important huh? :) Its true though.. as missionaries we arent supposed to "herd" people into the church. We are supposed to carry them. Lift their burdens upon our own shoulders and help them every step of the way.  Its an incredible feeling to stand in the shoes of Christ. Every time we go into TRC as soon as the person tells me their name i am just completely overcome with gods love for that person!! before i even know them.  Its so awesome. Heavenly father has such a deep and personal love for all of us. he knows everything about us and he is literally our father! my prayers have become  a lot more personal and i feel like I really am talking to my father. my FATHER.  he lives and he IS THERE!!!
Sounds like home is fantabulous!! I love the pictures of the hummingbird and salamander!! JEALOUS!!!! I´m sorry you are all so busy! just make sure to take time and enjoy the litttle moments because they are the ones that bring us the most happiness! Sometimes thats hard... but its worth a try! I LOVE YOU GUYS so freaking much!!! oops.. flippin much... sorry mom ;) Families are eternal and there isnt one that I would rather spend eternity with more than ours :) Keep the faith! and do missionary work at home!! it brings many blessings :) i know you are being blessed for my service and know that i am HAPPY here!! this is literally the work of god. its his mission, not mine. And I am stoked to be a part of it!! Hurrah for Israel!!

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