Wednesday, August 21, 2013


MCKENNA TURNED 21 AUG. 14TH!  Where has the time gone?! It seems like just yesterday we were anticipating her arrival and flash forward she is all grown a beautiful young woman inside and out and is serving her Savior.  We are so proud of her and all she has become!!  Thank you to all who were so kind to her in the CCM/MTC !  Below are some cute photos of the girls helping McKenna celebrate 21 as well as some new MTC photos.

Here are some of McKenna's words about week 3:
Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes!!! It meant so much to me.  It was a little hard to not have my birthday at home.. but it actually turned out to be reeeealllyyyy good!
 As you are very well aware, unfortunately it takes forever and a half for letters to get here... so I would suggest telling everyone to start sending letters to the mission home address and Ill receive them when I get there! This week has totally flew by!!! Seriously I feel like it was Sunday yesterday.  I AM MORE THAN HALFWAY DONE WITH THE CCM!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! can you believe that?? it seriously feels like I just got here.. well sort of. At the same time its gone by super slow and I feel like my mission is half over haha.  But yeah its exciting! We hit the halfway mark on tuesday!! I am having fun as well as working hard!! Mostly working hard... but there is some fun here and there as well ;) you know me.. i always have a little fun ;)
This afternoon we get to go to the MEXICO CITY TEMPLE!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I GET TO LEAVE THE "BUBBLE"!!!!!!!!!! im so stoked :) It should be interesting in all Espanol... but I seriously cant even wait.  Its gonna be awesome.  I wish I could see the new video though!! They dont have it translated into spanish yet is my understanding.  This past week has been really good! We committed our second "investigator" to baptism on September 1st! WOOT!! we teach ALL the time here.  I think I told you about TRC in the last email... but we got to do that again on my bday and it actually went awesome. Although i still couldnt understand half the words this sweet member was telling us... the spirit was DEFINITELY there and she TOTALLY started crying :) I think she really needed our message!! It was fabulous. :) Other than my birthday stuff nothing much exciting as happened. Just lots and lots and lots of sitting in class!!! But im such good friends with my district now.. we are practically family so its really fun. A lot of them are sick.. I cant believe I havent gotten sick!! im so blessed!! Our poor district leader has just been a mess.. its pretty bad. They thought he had a parasite but it turns out he doesnt! So who knows whats going on... not good. He is alright but the symptoms are just awful.. ill spare you the details haha.
My birthday was fantastic!!!! My casa 9 girls decorated the doorway for me, I got sung to 11 times!!! At dinner my district, our "rival" district, the peru trio, the twins, etc all gathered around me and screamed/sang happy birthday to me in spanish haha. So im pretty sure the ENTIRE CCM knew it was my birthday yesterday!!! THEN i came home to find a cute note a bracelet and chocolate kisses on my bed from our Latina roommates (who dont speak any english btw) it was flippin adorable. They walked in and I gave them a huge hug and they kissed me on the cheek (custom here.. so its not weird ;)) I seriously LOVE them. Then as I was writing in my journal all of my casa sistas ran in my room and sang happy birthday and then gave me the first clue to this epic scavenger hunt!! The last one led me to the closet where we all took pictures (see picture) :) and inside was a bunch of candy, a note from all of them, root "BEER" and chocolate "SHOTS" as well as a conference talk haha!!! Such is the bday of a 21 year old hermana!!! It was so awesome. Made me cry.. I just love them all so much. It totally made my birthday!!!
Lets see what else... the sunsets here are GORGEOUS. Cant capture it with a picture but Ill send ya one!! Tell Roger hi for me!! I doubt he will even remember me but thats exciting that he is home!! Where did he serve again?? Sounds like everything is going awesome at home!! im glad Brynna is feeling better!!!! I just love you all more than you have any idea!! this church is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love being a missionary ;) Its so fun to wake up and put on that name tag every morning and know that Im literally standing in Christ's shoes!! its a lot of pressure... Jeffrey r. holland said that we have to be the best missionaries this world has every seen... so yeah pressure. plus Hmo. Keller (my mtc maestro) puts a ton of pressure on me and hma wheelwright to be examples for the district. Its tough but awesome!!! Well I better run... but just know that this gospel is true and that we are SO freaking blessed to have had it our whole lives!! I cant imagine life without it!!! Our savior knows everything we go through.. including how tough a mission is. And im learning to rely on him more and more!!! (holy cow im getting like carpal tunnel right now haha) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Till next time!!!
 From Mom...Because life is so crazy I'm a little behind updating the tomorrow we get another email!! I cant wait!! We love her...we miss her, but we know she is doing the Lord's work!

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