Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I dont have tons of time!!! and these computers are really weird so im just gonna send this to your email mom!! im here safe finally. it has definitely been an adventure getting here... and YES it was hard to haul around my luggage all by myself haha. But its been interesting and really good.. but stressful. So after you dropped me off I went to the terminal and sat down by myself. There was another kid that looked like an elder but wasnt sure. anyways so tender mercy #1, a guy came and sat down next to me and called the other elder over. he asked us if we were just leaving on our missions and we said yes. he turned out to be one of the institute teachers at usu!! i couldnt believe it!! but he comforted us and thanked us for serving. for some reason that was just so comforting to me.. heavenly father truly does place people in our paths for a reason! and then it turns out that the elder that was there is going to my exact same mission and his sister just got back from peru!! super ironic!! actually i travelled with a bunch of elders going to albuquerque.. havent met a sister yet though.  i dont have a comp. yet... hopefully she will get here tonight or tomorrow. we just got done eating in the cafeteria.. the food was.. weird. there are rumors that the water/food here make you sick... so prayyyyy that i dont get sick!! But i have met a few friends, the people i travelled with are all really cool and very spiritual. heavenly father has definitely been preparing them for this work!  everything was chill till we got to mexico.  and then literally everyone started trying to speak spanish to us (duh.. its mexico) but it was so hard because I couldnt understand anything these people were telling me!!! and then we got into this crazy CCM bus (mtc in espanol) and drove super crazily around the middle of mexico city!! this is like the craaaziest city ive ever been in!!! houses EVERYWHERE. but these are like poor houses with graffitti and trash... and its kinda sketchy... but we are safe. but yeah it was funny, as we were going down this hill the bottom of the bus totally dragged on the ground and made the worst sound ever.. and we were literally 2 inches away from cars next to us. insane!!! the mtc seems really cool. its huge!! definitely need a map for awhile... and all our instructions are in spanish so noone knows what to do haha. these people speak hardly any english. its interesting! some funny things that happened.. right off the bat in the first terminal another elder by me already handed out a b.o.m. to this lady who was christian and super interested (way cool) and in the tx airport some black lady stole another elders tie!! way funny.. that can be a story for another time!! so yeah pretty much have no idea what im doing.. and cant understand anyone... but im in the lords hands right!! itll get better and i cant wait to get settled in. havent even unpacked yet. but ya im doing great and miss you all already!! i love you!! gotta go.. sorry if this made no sense!!!
 From Mom:
***It is easy to see the Lord is already working His mighty miracles...thru small and simple things great things happen... !!

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